Military Challenge Coins Rules

Military Custom CoinsThe first military challenge coins rule to be determined is, what’s a coin? A coin could be a coin. It’s not a coin that has been connected with a buckle, a Keychain, a mug, or a weight. This stuff isn’t unit coins. They’re belt buckles, key chains, occasional mugs and paperweights. Military Challenge Coins area unit unbroken on one person as coins. The sole exception to the present rule could be a coin placed in a very holder or clasp and worn round the neck sort of a jewelry. This is often thought of a valued use of a coin and would still be thought of a Military Challenge Coins.

The “coin check” consists of a challenge and a response.

The “challenge” is also either verbal or visual. A verbal coin check is initiated by holding your coin within the air and stating, in order that everybody gift will hear, that you simply area unit initiating a coin check.

A visual coin check is initiated by firmly inserting your coin on a flat surface with a force sufficient  to let everybody grasp that they’re being challenged.

The correct response to the challenge is to supply your unit coin and show it to the contestant. Please note that solely your correct unit coin is a suitable response to a challenge. Unit coins from different units don’t seem to be acceptable.

If you’re challenged and can’t reply to the challenge within the accepted manor you need to get a spherical of drinks for the contestant and every one members of the cluster being challenged. If everybody being challenged responds within the correct manor then the contestant should get a spherical of drinks for all those he challenged. Failure to shop for a spherical is taken into account a despicable crime and will need that you just flip in your coin to the issuance agency.

Military challenge coins checks are allowable at any time and at any place. You’re suggested to stay your unit coin among longest in the slightest degree times.


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