Military Challenge Coins in Different Metals

Army Challenge CoinsThe usual military challenge coins in the recent past and present have the pictures of tanks, pistols, officers fighting, eagles, etc. The challenge coins are passed on to the young ones in generations as a reminder of their elders who were a part of a special force with the army. The coins also have the year of their minting on them which can tell how old the coin is. The old coins are termed as antiques and are sold for very high prices to museums that collect challenge coins from all over the world.

The Military Challenge Coins are made in many different metals which include the common metals like the brass and nickel and the heavy and expensive ones like gold, silver or platinum. The coins are accepted in their original shape if the shape of the coin is tried to be altered in any way, even if a hole is tried to be punched in it to pass a ribbon to tie it around the neck the coins looses its authenticity. The coins are not just used to reward a person but the history of the actual challenge coin goes back to the fact that these coins are actually a way to protect the officers in case of any kind of emergency. The coins are challenged by the senior officers at any odd timing even during non duty hours to check if the officer has his coin with him or not. All the army challenge coins holders must have their coins. When they will keep their coins then we can easily point out that who is in actually custom military coins holders. These coins are not considered usual coins and the all holders of these coins knows very well about the worth of these military coins.That’s why they always keep their military award coins where they go.


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