Availability of Military Challenge Coins

Custom Military CoinsThere are many finishes available in the market. Also, their thickness and diameter also varies a lot. People like from plain pewter to expensive 24K gold finish. These coins are also available in antique finish. The patina is another kind of finish which includes gold, silver, brass, copper, and nickel finishes.

There are two main kinds of coin making processes including hard enamel and soft enamel. They both vary in finishes. Hard enamel has neater finished while soft enamel has textured finish. The coins are also printed. They come in 3D effects and many accessories can be attached to them to beautify them. But, more glittery and shiny finishes are preferred outside military for celebrating occasions in family, friends or otherwise outside military.

The challenge coins are delicate in use. It has certain rules of carrying them. You cannot deface them otherwise they won’t be called as pure challenge coins. The safest way of carrying them is to hang them around the neck in a pouch or similar thing. There is also a variety of coin saving products in the market which are used to keep the coin safe and secure from the weather’s effects.

It is the property of the Military Challenge Coins to carry the all the time. Otherwise it calls for a penalty. This is a very famous game of military personnel. They used to ask for coins and challenged person had to show the coin on the spot. If the challenged person successfully showed the coin, the challenging person would pay the penalty. This penalty could be buying a drink to another person. Now, this tradition has also come out of the military. There are many organizations which play the same coin game. However, the reason for carrying a coin may be different and rules are also personalized. It depends on what suits them the most.


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