The Use of Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins| Military Custom CoinsThe coins are used by the other forces of the different countries which include the police department, the fire department, the rescue department, the doctors association, etc. All these departments use these special coins to commemorate the excellent services of the wonderful employees who work for the well being of their country and the public without caring for their health and families just being conscious and duty bound for their service to those who need their help.

The military challenge coins that are presented to the police department brave people include those special officers that work as a part of the intelligence agency and serve their whole life as a secret agent, away from their families, running after rogues and thieves that have big plans to hit big time on the country with strong enemy forces and challenge the sovereignty of the country.  These coins are presented to their families in case they get martyred to make the family realize that they are supported by the military unit in their loss and are with them side by side in case of any kind of need.

The military challenge coins are a part of the tradition and culture of the different forces and the beauty of these coins is known only to those who have had a chance to have a view of some of these coins together. Several units have a gallery in their head quarter which show the different coins that have been in use of their soldiers for a very long time and are no longer in use but are a part of their military unit history.


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