History of Military Challenge Coins

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History of Military Challenge Coins:

The whole series of the past Military Challenge Coins are the transmission of the customs in the constituent piece of the complex structure of the United State military always carried the different form of challenge coins for the affinity of the different units and also for the witty crops of the army. These custom challenge coins were used for distinction of different military units which plays the role to fasten the togetherness among the units whose members are thousands miles forged from their homes. Each member has their own deep request character and mottos on the possession metal with the indispensable quality of affiliation and also their ferocious achievement of satisfaction.

The transmission of Military Challenge Coins can discover in the world war ll when American forces which are the attributes of physical actions are brought into the effective action in the great distance in a specified direction for the spherical safe the nation’s freedom. The members of the military back in world war l,  the civil war left with the custom challenge coins in the pocket from their home. After that for the typical protection as an enduring remembrance they kept it because of their experiences of wars at that time. American soldier which was living in the small base of the army in the Germany after the war accepted that country popular “pfennig check”. This pfennig at that was the smallest unit German currency. And at that time when someone makes a public statement far pfennig check, and the soldier who fail to produce one then as a fine he had to buy a round of drinks for his colleagues.

When we briefly studies the history of Military Challenge Coins then we come to know that wearing the medallion was also becoming the challenge for the soldiers. This was given to the competitor in such a highly trained way that a challenger would ask descendant  to show a medallion. If the descendent being challenged could not show one then he had to buy the drink for the challenger. So this transmission of the custom continues through world war two until today and also succeeding years.


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